EN – [online, 4 x 15.00 – 17.30] Agile Recruiter training

4 training sessions will be held from 15.00 – 17.30 on 22th, 24th, 29th of June and 1st of July.

Unique training entirely devoted to agile recruitment, conducted by Agile practitioners and based on examples from the recruitment industry.

Building Agile teams start with recruiting teams. It is one of the success factors when building them, in terms of the mindset, experience, and skills of employees.

In Agile, we are not talking about acquiring new resources, but about hiring talents. The role of the recruiter is also changing. On the one hand, Agile Recruiter implements agility by working closely with businesses and building the best teams. On the other hand, the recruiter uses agility in the daily work of the recruiting team.

Agile Recruiter training introduces agility to the work of recruiting teams. We want the acquired knowledge to live in the organization, hence the modular form of training, which allows you to adjust the content to the needs of participants.

Agile Recruiter is inspiring modules and specific tools. A large dose of inspiration and tips that will allow you to build your definition of an Agile Recruiter. Two intense four sessions await you, after which Agile will no longer be a word to fear, and ideas on how to use this approach in your daily work will be in your head.

The training agenda

  1. Agile, what does it mean? You will learn what agility means and how you will know when teams and organizations do indeed work agile. You will learn the differences between design, product, and process to identify the areas where Agile is best used. We will tell you how to combine process recruitment with product development, which is Recruitment in the organization.
  2. Complexity. On the example of the Cynefin model, you will learn why things are not easy and why it is not worth fighting with it, but rather adapting. Well, where is Agile in all of this?
  3. Agile tools and practices. When recruiting for agile teams, as well as in your work, it is very important to recognize the balance between Doing Agile and Being Agile. At this stage, you will learn what are the most commonly used agile practices and frameworks, and how the role of a recruiter in an agile organization is changing.
  4. Scrum. You will learn why it is not a specific methodology or method. How this most used framework supports empiricism. Can recruiters work in Scrum, and what benefits can they benefit from? What is the Talent product?
  5. How to empirically develop and measure the product/products related to Recruitment in organizations? You will learn how to approach onboarding, recruiting, and EB in terms of products. By approaching agile, business involvement will become key.
  6. You influence shaping teams and agile culture. You will learn about an agile culture and how you can contribute to its building. What features can you look for in candidates, what agile practices and tools to use during interviews and interviews with candidates? And when you come to recruit a Team Leader, Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, or … Agile Coach, everything will be clear 馃檪
  7. Case studies. We know from experience that it is easier to start when we can be inspired by the achievements of others. However, we must take this first step ourselves, and we believe that by sharing our experiences with you, it will become much easier.
  8. Visualization of work. Increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process, reducing multitasking, continuous recruitment flow. These are frequent targets among recruiting teams. Visualization helps recruiters in their daily work. However, Kanban is not just a board that you will build.

The #online training

Our main principle during online training is the highest possible involvement of participants in such a way as to transfer as many benefits of training in the training room as possible to the virtual world. We do not only recreate classic trainings, because the online form creates new unique opportunities. Many of the exercises, tools, and practices used during the training will be used later while working in your organization.

During the training, we will use tools such as Mural, Zoom, and Trello. You will receive training materials in electronic form.

Who are we especially inviting?

  • Members of Talent Teams, recruitment teams, Talent Acquisition teams
  • Leaders and Managers responsible for the areas of recruitment and employee development
  • Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches
  • HR team members
  • HR Business Partners and Hiring Managers
  • People interested in the subject of modern management

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Cze 22 2021 - Lip 01 2021


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